Some facts about us

The company was founded based on our will to keep producing engine bearings for tractors manufactured in our origin country, Romania, when the former OEM stopped its activity.

We took over the technology, work force and equipment and we continued the production of these parts. We are the only manufacturer in the world that owns the original production technology for UTB tractors engine bearings and bushings.

Furthermore, we developed new products that can equip international auto and tractor brands used everyday world wide.

Our trademark MHS Bearings, registered at OSIM in 2013, is a well known brand on the local market. We sell our products in over 300 stores in Romania and internationally, we export engine bearings to the Near East.


Quality and control

We guarantee the quality of our products by implementing internal manufacturing standards to ensure the utmost precision during production. We manufacture to exacting tolerances for a reliable long lasting fit.

Not only we guarantee our products will not lead to engine failure but we work towards extending the life of your engine by using micron tolerance machining and precision measurement systems to consistently maintain wall thickness, crush and lubrication design features.

Products verification

To protect our brand from counterfeits we secure every product with unique holograms and distinctive marks. The serial number written on the holograms is unique and ensures traceability. This allows us at any given time to verify the authenticity and other important information about the product